About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn about our mission and goals


Our aim is to create a fun and positive sporting environment to provide members of our community, no matter what age or ability, an opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially through the sport of soccer.


Our goal is to develop athletes who have a passion and love for the game as well as to offer youths an opportunity to showcase their talent and to prepare them for a better living through football.


Our Values are in place to clarify the direction we are heading, and to outline the principles that will guide us in all that we do. We are by no means a perfect club, but we will continue to strive for perfection

Our story

Sunrise FC was founded in 2018 by Cornelius Mduduzi Gumpo and Mkhululi Ndimande as the co- founders and directors. The team is affiliated with the ZIFA Bulawayo Province Division 3 League. We are working with 35 youths from Pumula south and surrounding areas of which 26 are registered with our regional office for them to participate in our games.
The age range is from 15 years to 27 years. Some are still at the school going age.

They have shown the same vision with the founders, that of promoting football in the surburb of Pumula South as it is the only team that is from the suburb that is registered with ZIFA.

Our objectives:

Offering youths an opportunity to showcase their talent and to prepare them for a better living through football.

We also help them on social behavior change

Cornelius Mdu is the one overseeing the team admistratively and technically. As the coordinator he holds following qualifications:

i.                    A certificate in Football Administration
ii.                  A certificate in Grassroots Football Development
iii.                A Level 2 Football Coaching Certificate
iv.                A Professional Diploma in Project Management and Community Development
v.                  A National Certificate in Brick and Blocklaying

Our facilities

We train in Pumula South at a community ground commonly known as “Emarolini” due to its close distance to a car park.

Co- Founder Mkhululi has been so supportive financially and undertaking all the clubs’ financial needs and as the Co-Founders we both share the same vision of making the club a great one in the near future.

At the moment the players are not paid anything due to the economic situation, we are currently  looking for partners and sponsors that will help us assist the boys in cash or in kind.

Mdu is the co-coordinator and with 2 assistants as coaches and a team manager. We also have someone on the community relations section – he is involved with the understanding and researching on players personal background with family members and or guardians.

As a Sunrise FC we have projects we are doing to help the team financially and we are diversifying into the business of construction services and supplies. We have a hardware shop as well where we sell a variety of building material. The hardware shop acts as an office as well for our club. All the profits are for the general upkeep of the club. Hence we need the support of the community in buying or requiring our products and services.


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